One-on-One Training:

For those clients who need more supervised instruction, require the utmost in privacy and attention to detail, 1:1 training is your package. This is a great precursor to group training, as you will learn the skills you need to progress into training within a group. This option is ideal for those who:

-are largely overweight and lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle

-Have little to no previous strength training experience

-You have been referred by a doctor, chiropractor, or other medical professional

-You require detailed technical instruction and closely supervised practice

-You prefer the additional privacy of 1:1 training

  • $60.00/ Hour
  • 3 x Week: 12 Sessions $720.00 ($600.00/Month)
  • 4 x Week: 16 Sessions $960.00 ($750.00/Month)
  • 5 x Week: 20 Sessions $1,200.00 ($950.00/Month)

Group Training:

Small group training presents the opportunity for people to experience the benefits of the creativity and motivation of a trainer while lowering the financial entry point. I offer a women’s group and a co-ed group class. Three to eight people per group class. These classes focus on fat loss, improving your overall health, and wellness.

  • 2 x Week: $250.00/Month
  • 3 x Week: $300.00/Month
  • 4 x Week: $350.00/Month
  • 5 x Week: $400.00/Month

Online Training:

This is for clients that are always on the go, people that are highly motivated, maybe traveling for business, and have a hard time making it to the gym due to a busy schedule. This Plan is very affordable for all individuals. The online program consists of a detailed description of the workout programs and tutorial videos. Online training makes working with a trainer easy, while still being held accountable while on the go, and able to workout on your own time with the necessary tools needed to achieve your fitness goals.

  • 4-Week Program: $120.00/Month
  • 4-Week Nutri-Fit Program: $180/Month
  • 12-Week Program: $300.00/Month
  • 12-Week Intermediate Program: $300.00/Month
  • 12-Week Advanced Program: $300.00/Month
  • 12-Week Nutri-Fit Program: $360.00/Month